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Kitty and Me

A poem I've written about my wonderful companion Princess.

  Jesus and Me

What a wonderful friend we have in Jesus. My poem about our relationship.


Wonderful Care

My poem dedicated to Dr. Dale who gave me wonderful and tender care.

  Precious Things

Friendships are truly precious things and this poem is for you Tom.


I'm His Buddy

Pets are so precious and this poem is about my friend's pal.  His name is Teece.

  My Gift From Jesus

Since I met my Saviour, I realize what the Christian walk is all about. At times it's not easy, but it's rewarding!


My Prayers To God

Keeping in touch with God is so important if you want a relationship with Him. Pray always, He does listen!


My Darling Debbie

The precious child, so long waited for, is now an intelligent, loving & giving woman.  I am so proud of her.


A Little Blessing

I was feeling a little down one day.  What joys the Lord can send us in times of need.


Listen, God Is Speaking

Having a quiet moment allows one to reflect on the joys of life


My Computer Partner

True friends are precious. Keep them ever so close always.



 It's wonderful to have a friend that you can always count on.


My Gifted Musical Son

A beautiful son with a beautiful talent is truly God's gift to a mother.


Dylan My Friend

Two black and white cats, one male and one female, are just as sweet as each other.


God's Gift To Us

If you will accept this gift with joy, than your life will truly be blessed.


The Rose In My Garden

When you accept Christ into your life, you will receive great rewards.


The Joy of Music

A poem written about how music satisfies the soul because it is a gift.


The Letter

The Bible, God's Word, is truly a letter to us.


With Love, Penny Halloran

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